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Thermostat Settings

Using your thermostat the right way

Most people don’t really know or realize where the settings on a thermostat should be and yes a lot of it is through preference. But to get the most out of your unit preferably for the heating, it should be set to 68* and cooling at 78*. Some may not agree but these are the base settings. It’s there to help with energy savings and efficiency. Your body does adjust and might even take up to 10 days to do so. Programming your digital thermostat also helps especially if you have a very busy routine schedule. Then you have your WiFi thermostats made for convenience and control. Either way anything digital is always better than a dial type of thermostat even if it doesn’t have programming. Programming thermostats is not for everyone due to the difficulty of some thermostat settings, your lifestyle and sometimes just for the simplicity. Hope these tips help for your custom comfort needs.